Topical Botox

Topical Botox – Might Be The Future

Topical Botox coming on the market seems to be getting some press and attention. The idea sounds good because it precludes the need for injections used for the current Botox procedure. One of the concerns with this topical Botox procedure is that this product will never make it over the counter because the application is somewhat complicated and a misapplication could amount to serious problems. The topical Botox procedure also takes one half an hour whereas the injections for a similar procedure done with injections might take 5 minutes.
We all know that time is money, and this must be weighed against the cost of the topical application and obviously the medical doctor who makes this decision must factor in the cost of his or her time when offering topical Botox.

Botox or “botulinum toxin” is a purified toxin that is injected into the muscle groups to relax them, and by relaxing these muscles diminishes the amount of movement in them. By not having the prolonged expression in these muscles, thus prolonging the develop the resulting lines.

There are depressor and elevator muscles on the face, so when you relax the depressor muscles with an injectable form of botulinum toxin, the elevator muscles strengthen and that’s why you see a lift. These effects generally last four to six months.

In one study of topical Botox, the botulinum toxin gel was mixed two hours prior to applying it to the crow’s feet of 36 participants (32 women and four men, 35 to 60 years old) and the results were promising.

Topical Botox pros and cons

When people get Botox injections, they see a three- or four-point improvement in wrinkles right away. The problem with this treatment is that it makes only a one-point or slight improvement (about 25 percent of what the injectible botulinum toxin does), so as a result it makes it more difficult for a patient to justify the treatment. Also, this is being tested on the crow’s feet area because it’s thinnest skin on your whole body and the gel can reach the muscles you want to relax. It would never work on the other areas of the face because that skin is much thicker.

topical botoxWhile it’s too early to tell if topical Botox is a viable treatment to get 100 percent improvement on wrinkles, if approved, topical Botox will give those with a fear of needles more options. topical Botox is not invasive and does work, but it doesn’t give the same results (as injectable botulinum toxin). I always advise people to be cautious of brand-new treatments. When the topical Botox treatments on patients begin , that’s when science will get the experience in how topical Botox works in the real world.

It’s also too soon to draw conclusions about the price of the treatments for topical Botox, so we can’t assume that they will be any less expensive than injectable botulinum toxin or Botox.

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